Fire Protection

At EDE our Fire Protection group provides efficient designs for all fire protection systems including NFPA 13, 14 and 20 designed systems, special clean agent fire suppression systems, chemical systems, as well as deluge and foam water fire systems. Our approach is simple, provide the most effective and efficient system for the project application.

Fire Protection Engineers at EDE have been involved in specialty fire protection design application for computer rooms, high voltage type rooms as well as specialty foam systems.

Services Offered

  • Hydrant flow test analysis and testing
  • Provide existing condition studies and documentation
  • Design of Fire Protection systems including standpipes, sprinklers, fire pump, suppression systems.
  • Fire Protection narratives and Hydraulic calculations.
  • Evaluation of campus fire protection systems relative to the requirements of JCAHO.
  • Design Build/Design Assist
  • Assist in Commissioning